Oxalis symbolizes my cooking style as well as my way of doing business.
Oxalis, or the cloverleaf, is green, surprisingly good to taste and healthy.
It’s these elements that define my cooking style.
Besides that, this little plant symbolizes luck.

Oxalis has a fine, fresh taste with slight tones of Granny Smith and lemon.
It has a cooling effect, helps against stomach aches and cleans the metabolism.
It regulates blood circulation en some people say that this plant helps in the battle against cancer.
In any case, it’s a small but powerful little herb: aesthetics and taste.
It makes me very happy.
-Geoffrey van Melick




FamilY Oxalidaceae.

Diagnostic description.
Creeping woodsorrel. Description of stem: procumbent, rooting at nodes, much branched, sof-stemmed, with long, simple hairs directing all in different ways. The seeds transversely ridged, ridges regular and uniform dull brown.
The flowers are hermaphrodite and have mostly 3 to 4 leafs.

(Source: q-bank.eu)